Snow plow systems for smart class and mini vehicles

The Ecoplow is suitable for demanding clearing tasks mainly in municipal areas. The innovative hydraulic control system allows the blade to be raised and lowered and swivelled to the left and right. The benefits of the Ecoplow are particularly apparent in narrow or confined areas such as cycle paths and pavements, narrow alleys, car parks and business premises. The easy-to-operate unit is made of sturdy, torsion-resistant stainless steel. The transparent polycarbonate snow blade is virtually indestructible. Thanks to its smart hydraulic pressure control, the Rontex Ecoplow can deal with uneven ground without reduced performance. The Smart-class Ecoplow was developed specifically for use on rear-wheel-drive mini vehicles. Its low weight of approx. 1 tonne and the scraper bar made of fabric-reinforced plastic make it an absolute all-rounder in municipal areas.


compatible with all Smart fortwo & Renault Twingo
Clearing width: 1.80 m
Crossed clearing width: 1.66 m
Blade: Lexan
Construction: V4A stainless steel
Operation: 12 volt electro-hydraulic per joystick, system runs on pressure
Mounting the blade: very flexible via silent blocks, which means it adapts perfectly to any ground

  • Low total weight, making it ideal for ground with weight constraints
  • Locations are reached quickly
  • Official registration as a passenger car, no road traffic restrictions even with winter road maintenance attachments
  • Dual usability of the vehicle in winter / summer (quick removal and installation of the systems)
  • 50% better clearing pattern compared with competitors due to rear drive and hydraulic pressure of the blade on the road, which creates a very effective tension arc
  • Maintenance-free system
  • 2 years warranty on all attachments
  • Blade perfectly adapts to the ground due to flexible mounting
  • Extremely small turning radius, making it ideal for fast manoeuvring while clearing
  • Smart with winter road maintenance attachments draws attention / improves advertising impact
Economical and ecological trendsetter
  • Low fuel consumption, 100% emission-free
  • Ideally suited for big cities
Cooperations / partners:
  • Service: Mercedes-Benz service workshops
  • System service: Hansa-Flex, mobile service vehicles
  • Leasing/financing: Beresa-Automobil-Leasing-Gesellschaft mbH

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